Our Sister Patrol

The Bergwacht Bayerischzell, which stands for Mountain Watch/Protection was founded in 1923. Their initial mission to protect the wilderness. In 1965 they became a Schiwacht (Ski Patrol). First Bergwacht/NSP exchange happened in 1993/1994 with 2 'Bergwachtlers' participation with European Div. First NSP to Bergwacht exchange 1995. Currently there exist 4 NSP members on Bergwacht Roster. Bergwacht belongs to, and is a critical part of the community. All youth are encouraged to participate at an early age. Weekend support from small local area Bergwachts to include Munich Resources include Medical Auto and Land Rover, Snow Mobile, area Ambulances, and Helicopters. A Mountain Hut on Wendelstein allows for avalanche, rock climbing, and hiker rescue training as well as, Search and Rescue training.

Contact Michael Tevnan if interested in the Bergerwacht exchange program.